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Here are a few we get often:

Where can I buy Artesian Distillers products? Our products are available through many differet liquor distributors throughout the country. They make products available in many different retail and liquor stores. We’re happy to provide you with local contacts, just let us know where you are and we’ll help you find out where to buy. As distribution grows, we’ll add a “where to buy” locator to our site.

I’m interested in learning more about your Barrel Club. Our Barrel Club is a newer addition to our offering. You can become part of this club and then come to our Wyoming, Michigan location to pick up. Want to learn more, contact Amir for details.

I heard a Tasting Room was going to be opening? YES! We are current building a tasting room in Rockford Michigan. Our hope is to have this open for some sampling around Halloween. Want more info? Please join our email list or our Facebook Page to stay up to date.

What makes Artesian Distillers different than other micro-distilleries? We’re larger than a micro-distillery. We’re a full service distiller and manufacturer of vodka, rum, gin and bourbon whiskey. We have over 6,000 sq ft of production space with over a 30,000 bottle per day capacity.

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About us

Our Distillery is much larger than some crafty microdistillery. Todays consumers demand new products and creative liquors, almost like an accessory. You can count on us to distill many types of alchohols for you, your brand or your customers. Private label liquors complete with bottle and label design are also available.

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