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Book Your Party Here!

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Our new facility is under construction.. PLease come back soon to dine in, take a tour, shop at our shop, and plan our next party or corporate event here!

Cocktail Making Classes

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what is distillation?

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Distillation is the process of separating the component or substances from a liquid mixture by selective evaporation and condensation.  To separate a mixture of liquids, the liquid can be heated to force components, which have different boiling points, into the gas phase.  In Alcohol, distillation process involves the conversion of a liquid into vapour that […]

Alcohol benefits: Myth or fact?

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Drinking alcohol may offer some health benefits, especially for your heart. On the other hand, too much alcohol may increase your risk of health problems and damage your heart. When it comes to alcohol, the key is moderation. Certainly, you don’t have to drink any alcohol, and if you currently don’t drink, don’t start drinking […]

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